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Unread 10-08-2020, 01:44 PM   #1
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Bathroom remodeled - questions on few details

I just finished remodeling my master bathroom, this was my first project of this size, second time ever that I did tiles (first was floor in small bathroom) and first time I was laying tiles on the walls. There were many other "first" involved but that's not what I'm about. First off: it looks better than I was hoping and aiming for! Couple shoots below.

Technicalities: house in WA state, wooden structure, 3/4 OSB floor. There used to be drywall where the tiles on the floor are but I tore it down and placed 1/2" Hardie all around as well as on the floor. Per the instructions it was laid on mortar and screwed down. All seams got tapped with mesh tape and mortar. Transitions between Hardie and drywall got taped with drywall tape and plastered as I had to put new plaster all around to get rid of previous texture. All the gaps around the acrylic shower pan, mixer box, sprouts got filled with 100% silicone. Next, all got double layer of RedGuard going also over the silicone and to up to 1" of shower pan lip. Tiles on the floor are 18x26 ceramic, tiles on the walls are 12x48(!). All the gaps are 1/16. The gap between the tiles and shower pan got filled with 100% silicone, same was done with the gap between the tiles and the celling. I've placed grout on all flat surfaces and 100% silicone in all the corners. Everything was sealed off with two layers of 511 to finish it all.

I went with modified large format mortar from Custom. Nothing fell off yet in the last few weeks. Nothing cracks, squeaks, rattles or anything. I know I made few minor mistakes here and there but that's not about it.


1) I replaced the windows and I notice there is more humidity accumulation on them after taking shower now than it was before the remodeling. I tilled around the windows and sealed them off just like shower. Should I have left some venting there or is that how it's supposed to be done?

2) Was my decision to use silicone in the corners correct or can it bring some issues in the future?

3) I made the edges of the niche and windows by grinding tiles to 45 degrees as I didn't want to put trim out there and neither of the tiles had finished edges. Can this cause any issues in long term?

4) Because of the length of the wall tiles and the idea of tight fit between the cabinets but still maintaining ~1" gap between them I tiled the entire walls and placed the cabinets and vanities on top. I read it isn't an issue itself outside of paying for the tiles you won't ever see. Still, because of the size of the tile I was worried of any cracks. I would assume that if nothing cracked during installation and right after it should be all fine. Am I correct on that based on your experience?

5) Out of what I described is there anything outright wrong that I did? I kind of liked the work and I may be much less reluctant now to make another project like that in the future when opportunity arises but it would be nice to avoid repeating mistakes where possible.

Thanks in advance for any constructive criticism.
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Unread 10-09-2020, 05:48 AM   #2
John Bridge
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Hi Peter,

The work looks really good.

I am wondering why a person would spend a considerable amount of money and time to tile in an acrylic shower receptor. Also, won't the wall tiles in the shower be hard to wipe off? I've always recommended towel drying the shower after use.
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Unread 10-09-2020, 08:39 AM   #3
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Join Date: Oct 2020
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Thanks for a good word. I made some limited research when choosing the shower tub and I couldn't find any serious drawbacks. We did like the clean look idea to match the one of the freestanding tub and vanities. No dealing with the membranes, slopes, layers etc. It is also warmer to the feet when entering than tile. I knew I didn't want to deal with pre-sloping mud and all that follows. I just didn't see enough added value to justify the hassle. Alternative was a tile in pan insert but it ended up with acrylic for convenience. I might be wrong, time will show.

Wall tiles so far are left to dry on their own - the upside of the large tile format is there are only so many grout lines below the shower head. Squeegee is on order to help the maintenance, toweling off is not a viable option with kids of age of ours and sure enough their bath is no longer good to use by their newly updated standards.
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Unread 10-09-2020, 09:03 AM   #4
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Do you have a photo of one of those wall tiles, Peter?

I keep looking at the photo of the niche area. Logic tells me there has to be grout in those joints by my orbs are arguing!
If I recall correctly my memory is excellent, but my ability to access it is intermittent.
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Unread 10-09-2020, 09:43 AM   #5
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Join Date: Oct 2020
Posts: 6
Dan, these are the tiles I used are SKU: 100486471 from Floor&Decor - apparently I cannot place links yet but that should be easy to google.

Below is the photo with all the grout lines marked and "clean". I started even at the bottom of the shower on either wall, as I got to the niche I worked the bottom of the niche from and next cut the height of the tiles on sides of it to avoid leaving a tiny strip that I would have to not only cut out but also grind to make the connection with the top tile of the niche. This causes the jump between the even joints mid niche and offset at the top ad above. I had some doubts if it will show but ended up well in my opinion. Camera distortion is horrible, all the tiles on the back wall and the one just above the niche are the same height - 12" - even if it looks different. Hope that helps.
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