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Old 09-01-2018, 02:49 AM   #1
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Am I going nuts or missing something...

Hey guys,

Could one of you take a look at this for me, because I am either missing some detail or fine print, or Lowes apparently is selling one color of Tec Latex Caulk for six times the price of another color of the same type of caulk.

TEC 6-Pack 10.5-fl oz Ivory Paintable Latex Caulk $7.98 for 6

TEC 10.5-fl oz Delorean Gray Latex Caulk $7.98 for 1

I actually went a step further and checked in the specifications tab under the photos, assuming that it might have been just a simple typo in the product listing, but no; the ivory one is sold in a quantity of six, while the Gray one shows quantity of 1.

Now, here is my second question: if you were to place an order online for this caulk for pickup, would you guys argue with the customer's desk at lowes if they refused to honor this listing?

-- Now I bet everyone on JB who has purchased color matched caulk will automatically realize that this is likely just some computer error because no one sells color matched caulk for $1.35 a tube, but try to look at this from an average person's perspective. In other words, imagine you are a random guy redoing your bathroom, you got a nice 3-day weekend ahead of you, and you want to get as much work done as you can. You place an order online for this caulk planning to pick it up in a couple of hours and expecting a six-pack for $8. After all you don't know how much color matched caulk goes for and you have seen tubes of silicone on sale for $1. You drive to the store, and they only give you one for $8, and tell you that actually it will be like another $45 with tax for the other 5 tubes. What would you guys do?
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Old 09-01-2018, 10:52 AM   #2
Just In Tile LLC
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My Lowes would honor the printed price listing. IF they refused, I'd escalate it to a manager who would realize that pissing you off for probably $20 their cost is a bad deal.
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Old 09-01-2018, 01:38 PM   #3
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Well, I gotta funny story...

I figured what the hell and actually all the types of caulks that were listed as coming in a 6-pack to the online pickup order I was doing anyway. I ended up ordering 7 different ones: 6 latex and 1 bright white silicone (The silicone alone sells for $11 so even if I never end up using the other ones, the bright white silicone will always find a use). The order ended up being a little over $65 for the caulks.

After about 2 hours I get an email saying that my order is ready. I drive over to the store, go to the pickup desk, and ask about my order. The girl brings the stuff, and I see that she is carrying only a single tube of each caulk. I was already in a decent mood so I decided to play a little game with the staff at Lowes. I mentioned that actually there were suppose to be six of each. She checks the listing and starts apologizing. Now she can't leave the pickup desk to go get the rest of them so she tells that I can just go to the flooring isle and grab whatever I think is missing.

I get to the isle with the caulks and I immediately realize what's going on: the item's name as listed online corresponds to the box the individual caulks were shipped in. Figuring that I might as well keep this up to the end, I start essentially emptying the shelf with the caulks. I was grabbing the empty cardboard boxes that each originally held six caulks, and filling them with corresponding caulks, while trying not to laugh about the whole situation. But it gets even better...

I could only find 4 other tubes on the shelves for two of the ordered colors, so I couldn't make a full six-pack. I figured getting five for the price of one was still a great bargin, so after I loaded up my cart with the caulks I went back to the pickup desk to finish checking out. Now, the lady that was originally processing my order was replaced by another worker - also a woman. I was worried that this one might be less inclined to process the order, but instead this one asked why I only had 5 tubes in certain boxes instead of six. I told her the truth - that was all that was available on the shelves. She tells me to hold on, makes a call for assistance over the loudspeaker and some guy comes over. Now, my first thought was that she was calling over a manager, but no, the guy that comes over takes over her role at the pickup desk and she walks with me back to the flooring isle, telling me that often the extra items are still up on top of the shelves, in their unopened shipping boxes.

I already knew it wasn't the cause (I looked up and checked the item numbers written on the unopened boxes up top), but she was so converned about me getting shortchanged on a six pack, who am I to stop her. We spend about 10 minutes looking for the right tubes (at this point I didn't even remember what colors were missing), but come up empty. Now as I am looking at her, I can almost hear the gears moving in her head as she is trying to come up with an executive decision to make me a satisfied customer. Eventually a thought pops in her head, and she says "I guess you could just grab two more of the other tubes (bear in mind the rest of whats still on the shelves is listed for $8 to $11 per single tube)". I could tell this woman was struggling mentally, because she was looking at the prices listed on the shelves and they all were showing $8 to $11 per tube, but at the same time she apparently did not want to overrule the computer if there is a chance this isn't an error.

She says "How about we grab these two." She grabs two tubes from the same row and continues talking "What color are these?Oh, Delorean Grey. I think its a great choice. Is that ok with you?" she asks me at the end. At this point I couldn't help but chuckle a little, told her it was fine with me. We walked back to pickup desk, she processed the whole order, had me sign it, and I walked out of Lowes with 42 tubes of caulk for a little over $60.

Now I can't wait to push some future clients towards Delorean Grey or Espresso for their grout color.
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Old 09-01-2018, 06:27 PM   #4
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Ain't it great when a plan comes together?

"Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea."
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