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Old 04-13-2005, 09:07 AM   #1
Denis Anderson
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Kitchen Floor Prep

First, thanks for the advise for the shower "threshhold", looks great.

Now the wife wants tile in the kitchen. Pulled up the linoleum with no problem and am now trying to scrape up the chalky stuff (adhesive I guess) that is on the floor. So, how clean does it have to be and is there an easier way?
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Old 04-13-2005, 07:20 PM   #2
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Hi Denis, glad to have you onboard .

How clean it needs to be somewhat depends upon what the next layer is, more plywood, backerboard, or a membrane such as Ditra. What the next layer needs to be depends upon what you have in place already and what type of tile you will be using.

So lets start out with: What type of tile will you be using ? Ceramic or natural stone?

Next tell us what type of underlayment that lino was set on, or to put it another way, what are you cleaning up? Plywood, OSB, particle board, etc. and how thick is it?

Last question, promise: What size are your joists, how far apart are they spaced, and what is the longest unsupported span in the area being tiled?
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Old 04-13-2005, 07:22 PM   #3
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Mike --

You cheated.

That last question counts as three.

Go Rutgers!
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Old 04-14-2005, 09:30 AM   #4
Denis Anderson
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Join Date: Mar 2005
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Kitchen Floor

Sorry, I should have told you the floor is concrete slab. Since that is all I have ever lived in, or worked on, I kind of take that for granted.

I do not really know what the stuff under the linoleum is as the builder put it in 13 years ago. I assume it is some kind of adhesive as the linoleum had to be stuck down with something and this stuff is heaviest around the edges. It is now kind of white and chalky in most places, seems water soluble. But, after working on it about 5 hours last night I scraped most of it off and also mopped it with water so it appears pretty clean. In fact, I had decided to go with that unless you guys said something different.

That brings me to the next problem.....the concrete floor is not level. I mean it has peaks and valleys I can see by placing a straight board across the floor. Some appear to be more than 1/4' deep. I know from experience laying glue down wood flooring, that I may need to level the floor. When I tried that last I did not do it well and the floor has some uneven spots. I don't know how critical it is for the 13"x13" ceramic tile I am using and how much can be made up with the thin set.

I bought some underlayment called Novoplan 2 and have a hard time understanding the hyroglyphics used in the directions. However, it does say you need to use a Primer that this same company makes...but it is not clear that it is necessary on concrete.

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