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Unread 08-11-2004, 07:49 PM   #1
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Smile Welcome. New visitors please read this.

Welcome to the John Bridge/Tile Your World Forums.
Thank you for joining us.

To familiarize yourself with how the forums work we encourage you to review our FAQ page.

Our Purpose: We are here to provide you with quality information regarding the nature, installation and maintenance of ceramic tile and stone products for floors, walls, countertops and other areas. We have a large group of professionals and other members here to help you. We do not offer “quickie” advice. We want your project to last a long time, so we employ only the methods that have been generally accepted in our trade. You may be asked a series of questions before your own questions are answered. Please be patient with us. We have only your interest in mind.

Resource “Liberry”: This is a special forum where you will find articles on tile, plumbing, carpentry and other aspects of our trade. Please browse the library to familiarize yourself with what is available there.

Search: The site employs a search engine. You’ll find a “search” link in the dark blue links bar just under the page header. Use the link for a quick search or go on to the advanced search option.

Image Posting: We encourage you to post photos and drawings of your projects. We currently limit the size of image files to 51 KB, so most of the images stored on your computer will have to be reduced. The best format to use in this case is jpg or jpeg. Many of us here use a free program called Irfanview. If you don’t already have a preferred photo editor of your own, visit Irfanview and download the program. Instructions for posting files are located in the FAQ. It is preferred that you use the attachment method to upload your images directly into the forum database. This helps ensure the size requirements are met (the forum will auto resize uploaded images) and ensures that the images will always be displayed in your post. (Images hotlinked from 3rd party sites can disappear over time leaving your posts without the visual context originally intended). The forum reserves the right to modify your posts and attach images where the linked pictures exceed the image size limits or where the linked image is important to the post.

You must have made three or more posts before you can post links. This policy helps protect us from spammers and pornographers.

Threads (Topics): Things work best when you keep your project on one thread. If you start making a new one each time you post, the people who are trying to help you will not be able to review what you've done previously. As you can see, there are a lot of threads, indicating many projects, and our resources are limited. Please understand that we do our best to answer all questions, but ocassionally someone will be missed. Don't take this personally. Just bump your thread back up the list by adding to it. To ensure you are always able to find your thread, bookmark it (place it in you favorites). It'll be there when you want it, even though you might not be able to find it on the list. Nothing ever goes away. Everything remains in our database. So again, bookmark your thread.

Copy and Paste Please do not paste articles and other lenghty documents to the boards. Instead, post the url (Internet address) to the article or web document you wish to draw attention to. Posted articles will be deleted by moderators when they see them.

Registration: There are definite benefits to becoming a member of the JB Forums, but registration is optional if you just want to browse. You must be registered to post to the boards, to use the email function and to send private messages to other members through our server. The “cookies” we place on your hard drive when you register are benign. They are good cookies that will help us remember you each time you return to the site. We DO NOT sell or otherwise disburse your email address or other information you provide us. No one except our administrative people can see your email address. Please do register and become a part of our extended family.

Names: We are a friendly forum, and folks here want a name to call you by. A nickname or a first name is fine. You don’t have to give your full name. Using the option in your profile to tell us in which city you live is also advisable. Climate and location bear on the advice you will recieve.

Professionals: If you are a professional in the tile and stone field, and you choose to offer advice here, we want to know who you are and what type of work you do. Please show us the courtesy of stopping by the Professionals’ Hangout and introducing yourself. We’re eager to make your acquaintance.

John Bridge has posted some general forum rules you might want to familiarize yourself with.

Please enjoy your stay with us. We are looking forward to getting to know you.

-- The Staff

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