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Unread 10-15-2003, 07:42 PM   #1
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door casing embedded nails

Excuse me if this does not qualify for tile as it is more of a concrete block construction issue. It same 1948 house I referenced in a subfloor question. I levered out a door frame between the kitchen and another room because it was so torn up I wanted to just replace it. Well it was very hard to break out and eventually I saw why. The builder had cleverly set nail heads-first into the morter joints so the nail points are projecting into the wooden door casing space 3/4 inch. Right now with no casing it looks like a medevial torture device and dangerous to pass through. I am guessing they propped up the casing with nails set into the wood and blocked and mortered up to the casing sourrounding the nail shanks? At any rate I have to replace the door frame possibly with a pre-hung or I could construct one.. Seems like I would have to dissasemble the frame, try to align it over the nail points, and then pound it down over the nail points using a wood block to protect the face of the new casing and hoping it does not split, maybe using morter or adhesive as well?? The only othe idea I have would be to cut off the nail points and and use concrete nails or some other sort of anchor device and installl that way. I hate to destroy a clever and strong system from the past. In fact I think I should have made more of an effort to repair the casing. Any ideas on a best approach? It is an interesting house, they bullnosed all the concrete blocks arount the exterior window and door frames which I have not seen before. It is a really solid house (espically for california where there is a lot of crap) built of very large blocks on big footings including interior walls. They hand finished all the interior walls in some sort of cement and those old boys sure knew how to get a smooth finish.

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Unread 10-15-2003, 08:45 PM   #2
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Hi, Hudson. Try to keep all your posts on one thread until you move on to another house. Helps us keep perspective on your project, even if your questions are completely unrelated, which is also fine. Also want to keep these questions over on the Advice board (where John moved your first one), you get a lot more exposure there and a lot more opinions from a lot more sources.

If I were doing that door (something I know a good deal more about than tile, thank you), I would cut off those existing nails, they'll just be in the way of an accurate attachment. I would use an angle grinder and those wonderful 1/16th inch thick abrasive wheels available for such, even at your local big box.

I would make the door frame, rather than trying to fit a pre-hung in there, but you could do it either way. You might also have trouble getting such an oversized jamb width on a pre-hung without a substantial wait. Or not.

I would attach the jamb legs with Tapcon screws into the concrete blocks, also using a good deal of construction adheasive where possible, especially in all the places where you shimmed for plumb and straight (that's where you want the screws, too).

Is the rough opening of a size that will permit using a standard size door?

Is the opening so big that you could attach 2x material directly to the block, making it easier to attach the jamb legs with precision, and still get a standard door of sufficient size in there?

How was the old door casing attached to the walls?

Sounds like an interesting house to play with.
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