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The tub. O the tub! It was a "shoot first, question later" purchase from my wife. Bootz Aloha, porcelain on steel. The bottom of the tub has a Styrofoam base.

I used Henry 549 to level the floor prior to installing the tub. I followed the youtube video here

He does the floor leveling at 6 min 25 seconds if you want to fast forward it. I decided to do it this way because I was afraid I would have to pull the tub out later to fix some mistake (which I have now officially made), so I didn't want to concrete it in place. I made the floor level in the areas where the Styrofoam base sits, and I think it actually came out alright. It is level and pretty flat and the tub drain fit well. The styrofoam base doesn't squeak or squeal (you know what I mean? like when it shifts?) when i stand in the different parts of the tub.

I have heard that the porcelain on steel tubs are really not great, and I wasn't terribly pleased when i read about what she had brought home, but I will work what is here I suppose. Is it worth eating the $155 (the cost of the Bootz Aloha) to get a new/different material tub? It may be a hard sell, as that tub is not returnable at this point.
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