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What does the tub have on the bottom of it? When setting the tub, you want to ensure that the rim is level all the way around AND, unless the bottom of the tub has something applied to it already, you want to fill any gaps underneath it to ensure it is well supported. Otherwise, when standing in the tub, that porcelain on steel tub will flex, the finish will craze, and it will eventually start to rust.

Some people use some mortar mix placed in piles underneath the tub, then when setting it in place, carefully level it. The piles give it some room to spread out as you press the tub in place. It helps to put a layer of plastic underneath to help prevent the wood from sucking moisture out of your mortar.

Don't muck around in the tub until the mortar has an opportunity to cure - give it at least overnight.

Porcelain on steel tubs aren't known for their long-term durability...drop anything onto the surface, and you may crack the finish, letting water get to the steel beneath that will then rust.
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