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The tub drain is one of those adjustable do-hickeys from the big box store, so I think that will be alright. I have access to the tub drain from behind that wall on the left through the closet there to make adjustments.

The gap on the left/drain side of the tub is now 0.71" on the most inside stud and 0.44" on the stud closest to the outside of the tub. I am sure this will change again with the upcoming stud-work I am about to do.

I have had a busy couple of days at work, so haven't gotten anything done in a couple of days. But tonight, I am planning on pulling the tub back out and checking all of these old studs to make sure they are in a plane, especially because of the large format tiles my wife purchased. I know that at least the stud that I placed isn't, so I will need to take the stringer down again and fix that at the very least. I anticipate having to probably fix several of them, as CX suggested.

My wife did offer to purchase a smaller format tile for the walls, and we might pursue that route. We haven't decided on that yet. Currently at this point, I am just trying to get the tub and concrete walls up.

I assume that the concrete boards are no good once you take the screws out, and cannot be used again. Is that correct?
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