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1. I'd try to run my CBU and waterproofing right up to the window casing on that end, Pete, and make the tub leg width below the window the same width as the tub leg on the other end of the tub for symmetry. The lower portions (height of tub) are the most critical for waterproofing. That's where you usually start seeing paint blister and drywall soften when not properly waterproofed.

2. Can't say. What you've gotta do is bring the faces of all the studs into plane with one another. Planing, shimming, sistering, replacing, whatever it takes.

Keep in mind the tile industry recommendation for substrate flatness for tiles with any edge longer than 15 inches is no deviation from intended plane of more than 1/8th" in ten feet nor 1/16th" in two feet. And for those 20" tiles you'll be happy to have your substrate every bit as flat as that.

Numbering your questions makes life easier on this end. Thanks.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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