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Thank you for the prompt reply, CX and Mr. Upton. I really appreciate the advice. I made my way off to the hardware store to get some plywood. My neighbor has a planar and a table saw, so I can cut them to the appropriate thicknesses for furring out the wall I think.

I did as you suggested, Mr. Upton, and pushed the tub all the way to the right, which is the exterior wall. I probably did over-shim it a little bit on the first go around, but I managed to avoid having to use shims on that wall this time around.

As for the studs - I don't know what is normal, but these seem a bit... off. There was one missing in the middle - I think the prior builders planned on putting a niche in there, then gave up on it and just left the stud out. There were dangling nails where it should have been <shrug>. So I put a new stud in. It's not perfect - this being my first attempt, and it comes out maybe 1/8" more than the others. Should I replace this and try again? The other studs in the back are far from flat - some have dips - particularly the ones at the corners along the long edge. Not huge dips - but I did place a single shim there. I did not know that I couldn't put a seam there (in the stud bay), so I will take those down and fix that. Thanks for the tip!

Of course, because I pushed the tub towards the back of the tub, the gap on the front of the tub is now larger, up to 0.71" on one of the studs. But no problem - I will add the plywood furring as you suggested.

CX - you said 3" tub leg. On the exterior wall side - there is a window, and I have removed the drywall up to the vertical edge of the window. No idea what I am doing, but that seemed like a good place to stop (for aesthetic reasons, I suppose). It is only 2.15" from tub edge to that imaginary vertical line (that follows the edge of the window). Should I continue this to 3"?

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The other side is up against a wall with a drywall corner (removed due to rust damage) and is 3.22" - so that side should be ok, I guess?

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So, over the next few days, I will:
1) take down all the hardibacker that I incorrectly put up (all of it)
2) fur out the edges on the drain side of the tub.
3) stud replacement...?
4) Do more reading on how to waterproof that joint between the front tub flange and the wall. I see in your prior responses that you have answered this question numerous times. I will refer to your answers there.

For ease of your reponses, I numbered the questions here:
1) On the window side, should I continue the drywall removal up to 3" which will take it 0.85" around the window (over/under the window) to get a 3" tub leg on that side? Or should I stop at the imaginary line with the window where it is now (2.15")? I am happy to continue the demo to where it needs to go. Seems the only thing I'm decent at so far...

2) Should I be replacing all these studs? sigh...

Thanks for the quick responses and helpful advice. One step forward equals two steps back at the moment.
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