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Welcome, Pete.

1. Yes. No.

2. Yes. Not really.

Schematic #3 is really what you want to do, except you want the CBU to continue down over the flange to within 1/8th" to 1/4" from the tub. And while shimming you want to make the studs as perfectly plumb and in-plane as you possibly can. You're gonna want a very, very, very flat substrate for those large format tiles. I recommend rips of plywood of the correct thickness(es) for such shimming.

It is difficult to properly waterproof the joint between wall and tub where the flange ends near the front. The tile industry has long encouraged the tub manufacturers to do better, but you see the result in what you've purchased.

It's possible to do a fair job using an appropriate fabric with a liquid-applied waterproofing membrane, but much care is needed to make that work.

Do be sure you extend your CBU walls three inches or so beyond the front of the tub for your tiled "tub leg" and be sure Mrs. Pete continues her waterproofing over that area. That's usually the first point of failure of such installations.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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