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I understand you guys apprehension and you are wise to be. Here's a little more about Jim Sinclair's history. Forbes did an article on him about 10 years ago.

Jim was the biggest independent gold trader back in the 70's. He had predicted that gold would reach $900. It never got there, but it did reach $887.50 interday. Sinclair recognized this to be the top and stayed up all night trading overseas and unloaded his gold position.

He then spent his time in other industries (such as fiber optic) until about the late 90's when he got back into gold again.

In looking at the article I don't see his $1650 prediction in it. It's probably in a different one. I'll see if I can find that one.

Keep in mind, I am not giving investment advice to anyone. This is simply stuff that I am interested in and so I post about it.
Jim Upton
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