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Mapei Mapelastic HPG over Durock Cement Board

I am helping a friend install a 3' x 5' shower using an acrylic shower pan. We would like to tile the walls and ceiling of the shower. I plan on installing Durock cement backer board on the walls and ceiling. On the backer board I plan on applying Mapei Mapelastic HPG as a waterproofing. I have a few questions I hope someone can help with:
1) Should I just tape the joints and corners of the backer board with regular mesh backer board tape (before applying the Mapelastic) or is there a special waterproofing tape that is used?
2) Other than a quicker drying time, is there any advantage to using Mapei Aquadefense as the waterproofing? (Aquadefense is significantly more expensive)
3) The acrylic shower pan has a small lip around its perimeter that I will install the cement backer board over. What is the proper way to waterproof the spot where the cement backer board meets the acrylic shower pan?
4) When applying the tile to the dried Mapelastic HPG do you use an unmodified thinset like kerabond or a modified thinset (tile will probably be a fairly large porcelain tile)?

Thanks for any help and suggestions.
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