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Hello and Welcome Chris!
If you can't be persuaded by a Schluter rep, it's doubtful we're going to have much effect...those guys are usually well informed. You could think of it this way...

You are going to install the slate tile into a bed of thinset, yes? You trowel on the mortar and press the tile into the thinset, DISPLACING the thinset to achieve full coverage. Gotta have full coverage cause slate is soft. The thinset has to go somewhere, and usually it oozes some into the joint where it has space to pass the bottom edge of the tile (essentially being cradled by mortar). I don't think you can install slate without some type of joint and grout, without compromising the integrity of the install. Besides, they don't put a micrometer to each piece as it leaves the place of fabrication, butting 20 pieces together you'd have to have a larger space somewhere that would be in need of grout.

Aside from that, it sounds like you have been well informed. Do you have specific questions for the assembly of your floors?

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