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Rebuilding a shower with Kerdi

Hi All,

I am rebuilding a shower and just need a little advice. I am using Kerdi board for the walls, the pan and curb are TBD how I am building them.

One side of my shower is a tub deck and the glass will sit about an inch from the edge of the tile, one of the issues I had with the shower originally is the tub deck actually slopes slightly away from the drain so water would get through. I am planning on using Kerdi board under the glass and in order to get the slope going the right direction using a little thinset to build a little slope on top of the plywood tub deck and then setting the Kerdi board on top of that. Is that a good idea?

On the pan the area is 40X59, so the 38x60 Kerdi tray is just a hair off, I am thinking to trim a half inch off the tray for the long dimension and use dry pack mortar to extend it slightly on the short dimension, is that a good idea or will it cause the elevation of the tile to be noticeably different?

Lastly on the curb it will be on a wooden subfloor, I was thinking of using the Kerdi curb but my tiles are 4x16 and the Kerdi curb is 4.5 inches wide so it isn't a great match in that aspect. So then I thought maybe I would build it out of Kerdi Board, I am not entirely sure how to do that but is that a decent option? The other thing is the shower glass places I have called all want to anchor to the curb to prevent side to side movement, that is also one of the places my last shower leaked so I am not real excited about that. If they drill into my Kerdi board curb can I just jam the hole full of Kerdi fix before they put their screw in?

Thanks in advance!
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