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Wow, I am sorry to see the mess you are dealing with!

It looks like you have Laticrete's Hydroboard on your walls? In which case the board should be waterproof all the way through. In a case where we have had a dent or chunk missing like you have, you could paint some fresh hydroban over it for peace of mind and better adhesion of your tile. You may want to do in the back of your niche what was suggested by the pros here for your insert, and do a nice, flat skin coat of mortar--in this case, not to raise the height to match the field tile, but to give you a nice, flat, easier to work with substrate and to eliminate concerns of whether the tile will adhere properly. If you need more info about Hydroboard, you can check out Laticrete's website, they have tech support and chat available.

If it is Durock with Hydroban over it, or something else entirely, disregard my advice! That would be handled differently.

Best of luck moving stinks your GC wasn't comfortable doing the insert. I remember the first time I saw paper backed tile and thought, how's it gonna stick with paper on the back?! Just read the directions thoroughly and follow the advice given here--if you are patient and pay attention to detail, you'll nail it!
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