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I recently had a similar issue with dry polishing pads. I was using a set to polish edges (flat) on Black Galaxy granite slabs. The boys over at assured me that wet polishing was the way to go. Either use the dry pads wet or buy a good set of wet pads. I did the latter and the edges came out perfect. As mentioned above, you need to spend time with each grit before moving on. Also, since you're using tiles and not a slab, I would line up your tiles on your bench and do several at a time. That way, you have a consistent edge.

For us newbies to stone fab, dry polishing is just adding difficulty to the job, especially if you've got one of the harder granites. I'm not familiar with the use of a random orbit sander on stone. All pro fabbers use variable speed angle grinders/polishers with a center water feed, unless of course they have one of the real profiler/edging units.
I don't understand. I cut it 3 times and it's still too short!
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