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Granite Counter top

Hi Everyone,

I am installing 16" granite tile on a countertop and I have 2 questions

1. I have 1/4" CBU over 3 laminated sheets of 3/4" exterior grade ply on a kitchen island. What mortar is best for the counter top medium bed or thin set? I am wrapping the stone around the sides of the island too and will be using thin-set on the sides not medium bed thin set. I just want to make sure the top is durable enough in case someone sits on the top.

2. I bought diamond resin polishing pads (dry polishing pads) and am using a Rigid Orbital sander that has a no load min speed of 2000 RPM. The pads come in grits from 50 - 3000 and I want to polish the edge of the tile but when I polish them it seems like the pads are either burning the stone, or that the color from the pads is seepiing into the stone. I though I was polishing at too high of a speed, but am not sure. Any advice for dry polishing granite using diamond resin pads?
Dave C.

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