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Cool saltillo sealing exterior....

Steven.... thank you for the simplified advise to my cleaning dilema of the saltillo. I understand this is not an incredibly durable surface for exterior use. It's about 270 sq ft was definitely a decorative choice. As far as letting it be what it're right I'm not going to worry too much about color variances..I actually like the rustic charm and differences in not being like my interior tile that is orderly and repetively the same. But I do still want it to look nice for what it is. So..after the cleaning and drying what do I put on it as a sealer. I realize it's my preference..but I don't know a thing about any of it to make an informed decision. So, what do you recommend for my situation. I want some sealant that is long lasting and the most trouble free I can get. And lets say after I clean it and it actually doesnt rain for a while what would an average drying time be on this saltillo after cleaning with the vinegar solution. and do I rinse it off with the hose after cleaning.? Sorry to sound so ignorant but truly a babe in the woods on this project. And what was the grout release?are you referring to the sealer we used before grouting? Thanks.. kathy
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