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Hi Kathy,

Well the first thing that needs to happen is letting the material dry out. The application of the grout release Charlie and any other storm system may hmper that.

Then the removal of the efflorescence which are salts should not be done with muraqtic acid.

Let's start with a wash of 50/50 white vinegar and water. Use a brush to agitate it into the holes but don't bear down on the brush.

From there let it dry. Sometimes it is necessary to use a 30% amonia solution to 70% water to neutralize it. You'll know to do this if the tile has a white haze but no salts.

From there you will decide on what finish you may want.

Now, my concerns.

Typically we used a denser paver for exteriors, you may need to let this material just be what it is and not worry about discolorations.

Good luck

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