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Unhappy Saltillo Tile cleaning and sealing after intallation.

I left this posting in the install section of your forum and put a note to the fact in the cleaning section ..but went ahead and pasted this from install to get the proper response..thanks for your help..hope..hope...!

Hi! I recently had a friend of mine who is a mason, lay saltillo tile in my front entry outside. He had never had the opportunity to do it before , so he was using his learned common sense..but when it comes to cleaning and sealing he just didn't know where to take now that's up to me. He wanted to use an acid wash to get rid of the effl?? (what ever the white stuff is that comes out on top of the tile). We did use a penetrating sealer that is made for saltillo tile for a couple coats before he grouted it(sealer was the natural finish) Now it's been close to two weeks, it's been raining everyday(only the outer couple of rows get wet), but I live in Central Florida it's august and the humidity is tough and a hurricane is on it's way this weekend. The tiles get a dark soaked look on a portion of the the middle of one or a half..where the moisture seems to be concentrated and not can see part of my problem is when can I seal this tile and grout, can I do it when they still have moisture embedded..and can I clean it first after all this weather and white stuff still there(and with what..acid wash) and when I do seal it can I just use a polyurethane or much DRY time does it need as not to ruin it(no rain days) me!! By the way my mason friend has gone to seattle for a few months of good paying work I am on my own on this one.Also I got my saltillo from Lowes and the advice on what to do very's from person to person with sometimes more than one opinion per they are essentially no help to me.
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