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Pipe movement in concrete subfloor

Need to install a shower drain on a concrete subfloor. I've made all the cuts but I'm having a hard time with the fit check because pressure on the pipe inside the hole of my shower drain causes the pipe to move down about 1/2 inch (maybe more).

I can (with pressure) apply a coupler to the pipe inside the hole
then I attach a 2 inch pipe that extends to the surface of the concrete subfloor. From there i need to attach the drain but that requires some pressure and this is where I'm having difficult because when pressure is applied to the pipe it moves.

I'm at a loss on how to keep the pipe stationary so I can attach the drain without movement. Thoughts?

I've attached 2 jpegs. one showing the hole and pipe in the subfloor. the other is my goal.

A follow-up question. This thread ( claims there should be a 1/2 inch between top flange and subfloor. The flange i removed was flush to the floor. Whats the motivation for the 1/2 inch?
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