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Yes, I have a digital scale for this purpose.

I shouldn't claim this as my own unique idea - I think it was on these forums where I found the suggestion to split ingredients up by weight and then use ziploc bags to ensure they are still in good condition when I come back to mix additional small batches. My fear is my first batch, if done to half-full size, would be so much grout that I couldn't get it all down before it was time for the first wash. And getting this grout was so difficult that I fear trying to source it again if I waste a bunch.

I did also pick up a rubber gum float since my understanding is that it's easier to work with, especially with Spectralock and especially with bevelled subway tile. The bevelled tile makes me nervous because it's unclear to me how I referee the depth of the grout without risking starting to fill up the bevel too. I guess just carefully scrape with the edge of the float as I clean excess grout away?
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