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As it is with so many home improvement projects one needs to spend an inordinate amount of time just correcting issues before you can start putting it all back together.

The vanity drain was always slow, and I found out why. Some of the copper in the vanity wall was proud of the studs. Fire blocking? Who needs it! HVAC duct too close to the floor, thus requiring baseboard (wood or tile) to be notched to fit. Seemed an easy fix to raise it until I found that an apparently odd ball 3.25"X8" duct was used and was no where to be found. Had to have one custom made. And of course the framing that makes up one end of the alcove and linen closet was not even close to square or plumb. The small piece of drywall for the linen closet ceiling was secured with only a single nail and the walls, which I didn't discover until I started shoveling the insulation off of it - I barely even touched it before it fell.
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