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large format to shower floor tile transition height problem

Dan! Thanks so much for pointing out the problem of matching the height of small tiles and large tiles of the same thickness due to amount of thin set used. I hadn't considered this, but I don't think there's a way to create a step in the tileable surfaces of the bathroom floor to shower pan junction. That transition is covered by a membrane and the transition is smooth. The bathroom floor tile, I found out today, isn't the size I mentioned before but 4x24. Same thickness as the shower floor tiles. To get them to match can I use a matching notched trowel in the shower and not press them down so hard? Maybe only on the first couple of courses until I'm away from the transition point, set them gently with a grout float and then switch to the 1/4x1/4 notch for the rest of the shower pan? I imagine I'll have some thin set picking to do after it starts to cure due to press-out. Can anyone tell me how they handle this issue? Thanks
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