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Thanks Dan!

I would assume they know how to do the shelves since they seem to do it all the time, but I will make sure I mention it.

BTW I went back to the tile store where one of the employees said we needed to seal that textured porcelain before grouting... and spoke to someone else... He was mystified why the other guy told us we should do that.

I asked about needing grout release on those tiles (not the To Be Determined accent), and he asked if a pro would be doing the installation... When I said yes he said there was no need for that either.

On the accent, I have decided that although it is beautiful, I definitely should not use crackled glass in the accent because of potential issues in the shower area...

While I have not completely ruled out natural stone, I think I have ruled out travertine in the accent.

While all natural stone will need resealing, it seems to me travertine with it's holes is asking for issues in the shower in the long term... But that REALLY limits possibilities as most accents seem to use it.

Maybe filled travertine would not be so bad... As one needs to seal before grouting, besides changing the look, I can't help but wonder if after pre-sealing the grout would have tendency to fall out of the larger holes over time.

If I find some good looking porcelain or glass accent that coordinated with the field tile and the style of the bathroom and provides some color, I would go with it, but so far no luck. Still looking.

Thanks for all the guidance!

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