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Thanks for the reply.

Because of what the guy at the tile shop said I have been researching grout release/sealing before grouting and found Laticrete's recommendations at:

From that it seems for textured ceramic tile (porcelain is ceramic) they recommend their heavy duty sealer...

As that tile shop sells Laticrete products I suspect that is where he got the sealing before maybe it does apply?

Hi Davy,

The sealing AND using grout release after was my idea ... I am just trying to figure out how to maximize the chances of everything turning out right and am willing to do work to make sure it does, if doing it makes any sense. Better safe than sorry!

If sealing or grout release is to be done, I will likely have to do it myself to save money.

In that case his suggestion of doing it straight out of the box (if doing it before it goes on the wall would be effective) would be a heck of a lot easier (and safer) for me. The tile will be going to the ceiling in the tub/shower as well as on the ceiling.

I really appreciate all the information I am getting here!

Another question to all ... Hope I am not being too much of a pain... and I know I tend to be very detail oriented to the point of being annoying... please bear with me.

I am working on how I want the tile laid out. The tile is NOT rectified so will likely need between a 1/8" and 3/16" grout line from what I have read.

For the floor and the lower part of the wall I am thinking about using 8X16" tile with a 50% overlap...

I read that large format tile should only have a 33% overlap, but I'm not sure what is considered "large format"... Is that likely to be an issue for my tile?

In the shower area above the accent strip, I am thinking of using 16X16" tiles that are rotated 45% to look like "diamonds" to make things a bit more visually interesting.

Is that likely to be an issue for any reason?

If 16X16" is large format, do the overlap rules apply to wall tile?

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