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Red face 2011 TCNA Handbook Changes

Thanks for the questions and comments guys. As usual, Mr Gobis is correct about how this has come about and the pending release date - most will get it at Coverings show for the first release.
If any of you have specific questions you can obviously post them here and someone will get the answer, but if you would like quicker response you can either call my cell - 404-281-2218 or email me: and I will try to get you the info if I don't know it. I am currently the chairman of the TCNA backer board subcommittee so obviously that is my specialty however we all spend time on all the issues for the handbook.
Just as another piece of info, TCNA is also working on getting ISO standards for backer boards passed so we have world wide agreement on minimum quality standards for board products. We are currently working on CBU (cement boards) and then will follow with all the other types of board we can find. This will hopefully help the tile industry avoid the same mess the drywall guys got into with imported board that didn't meet any US standards.
I would be interested in your thoughts on this or any other issues.
Steve Rausch
Professional Consultant to Tile Industry
Cell 404-281-2218
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