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I can't really tell you anything definitively because I've never been in your particular situation. In all cases, testing will provide you more accurate answers.

I've never used granite that required sealing but since yours does, I think it a good idea to seal before grouting. If your granite absorbs epoxy, it may be there forever and the appearance may be vastly different from the effect you desire.

I always seal slate before grouting with epoxy and cleanup is a breeze. I'm sure I've gotten sealer in the joints prior to grouting and my best guess is it don't really affect the epoxy bond. SpectraLock is very tenacious stuff that will stick to just about anything. I know that a very thin skim coat wll adhere to silicone caulk quite reliably. I wouldn't worry about it but would try to be precise in sealer application.

I don't have an accurate answer for your last question but it's something I've also wondered about myself. It's also somethng I've never bothered testing. My educated guess is sealer will not affect epoxy grout in the slightest as long as you don't let it dry to a film. Even if you're using a color enhancing sealer, I don't think it should matter as long as you don't let it dry. Regardless, this is something you will have to deal with for the life of your installation since your granite will require periodic re-sealing.

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