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Update and new question

Thanks for the Specralock info. I am looking forward to using it in the next day or two after the Versabond cures. And since the opinions on whether to seal granite before or after epoxy grout, I am planning to one layer or sealing before epoxy, and then doing another layer or 2 as needed after the epoxy grout. Good compromise, or ignorance?

In the mean time, I have been patiently watching grout dry on the floor portion of the project.

So my new issue is this: I laid porcelain 13x13 tiles on the floor. Then, I used Versabond to attach 4x4 slate tiles to the wall for the baseboard. I have used sanded grout between slate and slate on the wall, and between the slate baseboards and porcelain floor tiles. The Versabond is visible on the top of the slate tiles against the walls, where I smoothed it during application, and I really like the color and stone look it gives. Adds nicely to the ambience of the bathroom I'm trying to create.

1) Is there any problem with just sealing the exposed Versabond like I'm doing with the grout and leaving it exposed?

2) Do I need to caulk anywhere, or will the Versabond/grout combo keep out the evil water?

Thanks-This site has been very helpful. I tried to attach photos, but I don't know how to reduce the MBs.. Sorry! Anyway, it's really nice looking, and I've very proud of myself..! .. (so I don't want to ruin it)
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