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You’re in a difficult situation, Jared. One option is to complain to Lowe’s who gave you inappropriate advice. In some rare cases, the box stores have acknowledged their responsibility and have offered to replace portions of the materials for a reduced or zero cost. Unfortunately, I’ve never heard of a box store accepting more responsibility (for labor) than that.

The second is to ask the manufacturer why or how sealing would be of benefit. While I don’t have high hopes for a good explanation, it may clarify the quality of their advice and help you weigh who you should or shouldn’t listen to.

Since it has been installed and the problem is an aesthetic one, you could opt to leave it as is and use the shower until the problem manifests itself. And if you get lucky that it doesn’t, then leave it alone. I don’t think I’d get my hopes up too high on this one. But it isn’t always a problem. Stone is not homogeneous, so it’s hard to predict with accuracy. We see lots of cases of problems. So we’re trying to be realistic in our advice to you.

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