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Welcome, Elizabeth.

Best thing you could do is not install that marble on your shower floor, but that ship has sailed, eh? Use the Advanced Search feature and enter marble shower and read about the various things you might be looking forward to.

The grout at plane changes won't make any difference in water getting into your shower floor. It's designed for water to get into it and pass through the drain's weep holes. The grout is likely to crack and look unsightly, though, and eliminate the ability for your walls and floor to move independently. The tile industry requires a flexible sealant be used in the tile surface at all changes of plane in the backing material. Your installer should know that.

Using a penetrating sealer on your floor may make it a bit easier to clean and all such sealers allow water vapor to pass through. Entirely up to you whether you seal or not. From all I've read here over the years I would not.

And now you're still looking for a clear answer, right?

My opinion; worth price charged.

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