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I operated on the curb this morning. Made about a 30 inch slit along upper side of the curb and used my finger to smoosh thinset into it then smooth it back out then layer the top of the slit back over I had to sit there with my hands holding it flat for a few minuted then added kerdi band over it and also held it in place ensuring smooth crisp corners. I decided I dont think I am going to worry about outside edge of curb as it wont be a much used shower AND will be putting a glass door on it AND I'm on slab not wood AND I dont think there would be much wiggle to it.

I also did kerdi band around the niche today so there's NO way in hell any moisture can make it through there!

almost ready to tile.. will do leak test tonight and pull out my new tile saw and start learning how to use that tomorrow so I can start the niche..

Been playing with the math on how to strategically line up the tiles to center on the niche and know exactly what level to start my first row of tiles.... too bad I cant tile from the middle down and up LOL
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