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The air bubbles on the inside are not close to a seam but the ones on the ouside of the curb are. The outside I'm not super worried about water proofing as there will be a door there. . However what I'm worried about is the tile having a solid surface to adhere to. Seems like it would wiggle if I left it? Will be using 6" ceramic tiles and maybe quarter round at the edges of the curb. Just discovered though my tile is discontinued for some odd reason the quarter round is avail from many sources online (bought tile 2 years ago when HD was clearing it out- daltile slate look for a crazy low price!!). I just want my edge on niche to match edges on curb. I have bull nose pieces but not wide enough for curb and reading it's better not to have too many grout lines so not sure which direction to go. Seems like quarter round just adds grout lines so um....???
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