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Granite Tile, Bathroom CounterTop

Hi all-- first time to the forum. I am working with a friend on a remodel, specifically, installation of 12x12" granite tile on a bathroom countertop. She's not experienced at this, and I'm not much better, but we're giving it a go. It's probably 40 years old, formica is in excellent shape, covering particle board. No bull nose for the tile was available. Total area less than 10 ft2.
I was going to leave the formica on the countertop, since a) it's in great shape, and b) it's particle board underneath, which will swell if moisture hits it.

Now I've read a lot of entries in this forum over the past 24 hours and it appears that generally, you should remove the formica and further, the counter itself, if it's particle board, and replace with plywood. However, I don't think my friend will go for this, for a variety of reasons.

What I plan to do (after removing sink):
1) cut cement board to fit over countertop
2) Mount cement board with screws (having mapped where the tile is going, I can make sure the screws are not near grout lines.)
3) Seal screw holes (added precaution or not necessary?)
4) Apply thinset and granite tile
5) 24 hrs later, apply grout (non-sanded, 1/16" lines)
6) Seal grout and granite tile.

a) in laying out the tile on the horizontal surface, do I want to flush the surface to the edge, or do I want to bring the horizontal tile slightly over the edge, and mount the nose pieces underneath (with cement board behind it)? They're not bullnose per se, it'd just be cut pieces of the granite tile. Given that, it seems to look better if the edge of the granite tile were on the side, rather than on top.
b) How soon after I grout can I drop the sink back in? Another 24 hours?
c) I assume I'll need a reciprocating saw for the cement board, correct?
d) You'd recommend renting a saw instead of making the trip to Lowe's 14 times for recuts?
Thanks for any info you can provide!
Scottt M
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