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On my last project I upgraded from a $20 craigslist saw to the beautiful dewalt 24000 saw, so cutting my own small tiles without chipping is doable.

I know I don't need the sister board to get on the metal I beam, but I only have room for about a 2x3 for most of the length of the shower on the joist which has the waste line running along it. I'm thinking I could use angle iron on this joist. This joist is doubled up, and is directly below the load bearing shower wall above it

About the unsupported walls. I guess you mean the case where the wall falls between two joists and runs parallel to the joists? I guess I'd have to add some blocking there to help support it and also to support the end of the dropped subfloor. For walls that run perpendicular to the joists, I think they are fine, and for walls that have a joist directly below them I would also be able to just sister for the new dropped floor. I think that leaves one wall where I might have to add more support--fortunately the shower is 48 wide with 16 o.c. joists which leaves both walls very close to supporting joists.
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