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I have seen some videos where the pan was installed over the top of the joists and I think that would be fine, or a 1/4 plywood or hardie to give a uniform surface. As Rich said, schluter even shows this in their material.

The main design problem is that you have to then find small tiles that match the larger tiles, so the tile choices goes down quite a bit. Do you guys cut your own small tiles? How do the edges look when grouted?

Lowering the subfloor also is not straightforward, I would have to figure out how to re-cut and attach the sheet metal that is forming the hvac return ducts. Here are some pictures of what I mean. I would have to cut the sheet metal to fit a sistered board and get a tight seal (can use some tape and duct seal goop to help). This is doable.

I also wonder about sistering at the spots where the waste line comes through one of the joists and another spot where it runs along another joist. The waste line is only about 2-3 inches below the current subfloor which doesn't leave much vertical space for a sistered board. Where the waste line punches through the joist, I could just notch the sistered joist, but in the other picture along a joist the waste line runs 3 inches from the subfloor for the whole length. Maybe some angle iron instead of a sistered board would work in this spot?
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