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Welcome David.

The Schluter pan is bowl shaped, and as such you won't be able to bend 12X12's to conform to the bowl. 4X4's would be better but you'll still end up with lippage. As mentioned, there is the traction issue to consider but many people install large format tile on a flat plane shower floor so selecting appropriate tile will be necessary.

I think you are underestimating the build up. You need to set the pan in mortar on the existing plywood so your pan height will be 1"+ 1/16th, maybe a bit more. 3/4" ply (actually 23/32nd's), installed Ditra is probably a bit less than 1/4", mortar for the floor tile will be about 3/16th's, and you're floor tile will likely be 3/8". So 3/4"+1/4"+3/16"+3/8"=1 9/16". Minus 1/32nd for the ply, and a bit for the installed Ditra, let's call the stack at 1.5", so approx. 3/4" above your hardwood. The ply and Ditra stack ends up just below the height of the installed pan.
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