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Seems to me, what with the replies between offspring going on here, that we should have a kid's forum, just so our gene pools can gather and exchange news and ideas. I always wanted my own pink bike...

On the topic of kids' forums... my sweetie's grand-daughter (don't let her ever hear the "grand" word) just won the spot co-hosting a news series called "Get Reel" on Encore's WAM. It's a news/entertainment show that premiers this Sat evening 7:30 pm ET. It's supposedly like "Entertainment Tonight" but for teens. She's done commercials and such, but this may be her big break. By the way, guys, she's making industry rates as well!! Her name is xxxxxxxxx, keep your eyes open, maybe she'll make it to the big screen! I have an autograph already.

edited to remove her name, some overzealous fan searched the internet, got my address/email and contacted me to find out about her. sl
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