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sealing outdoor slate on balcony

Hello and Merry CHRISTmas to all.

I have an outdoor balcony w rough slate that is not covered and faces the east. It needs to be sealed. I have cleaned it 2-3 times and rinsed. That was last week. It rained this tuesday, but I completely covered it up, then removed the plastic and it's ready to go...perfect weather to seal.

It has a few places where the grout is stained. When we had heavy past rains, the water penetrates the grout via small hairlike cracks to the subflooring and comes out the sides into the gutter from between the slate and subflooring. Nothing has ever penetrated the subflooring and leaked thru to the white ceiling below. I am using Aqua Mix Enrich"N"Seal.

Questions: Will the sealer penetrate the small cracks in grout to prevent seepage to the subfloor? If not, do you have a recommendation?

Next, what is the best thing for cleaning some of grout?

Finally, what is preferred or best method to apply the sealer/enhancer for outdoor rough slate?

Thank you very much,
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