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DeWalt wet saw: problem with cart not centered

Hey experts. I did a thorough search but could not find my problem addressed anywhere. Hence I will start a new thread. If I have overlooked a possible solution discussed elsewhere, please point me to it. Many thanks.

My DeWalt saw has the following problem: The entire cart is positioned too far to the left with respect to the blade. The blade has ground off the paint on the right side of the notch for the straight cut. This currently works fine for straight cuts but if I were to use the notch for the 45 deg. and 22.5 deg. cuts, I would run into the cart's fence.

The entire cart would have to be positioned about an 1/8 in to the left. How can I do that? The saw actually cuts straight. The manual doesn't address this problem. I can adjust the stop screw for the miter cuts such that the blade is slightly backing off the notch. However, if I were to center the blade that way within the notch, it certainly wouldn't be true anymore, i.e. not sitting at a 90 deg. angle.

If my description is too cryptic, see the picture below.
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