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Originally Posted by mark999 View Post
1) are these installers the same hacks that did the first shower?
2)Is there a piece of the membrane tying together the curb to the wall,can not see it in the pitcher. All seams need to be overlapped by at least 2 inches.
3) was the pan set very level? The pitcher looks like it is sloping. Check to make sure you have 1/4 inch per foot slope to th drain from all directions.
4)does the curb slope in towards the drain? If they tell you they will slope the tile while thinsetting them I would tell them to pack up their tools and not come back.The slope should be done BEFORE the membrane goes on. Same with the bottom shelf of the niche. If not water will seep thru the grout and just sit there or run backwardsif slighly sloped back the wrong way.

And as i mentioned in an earlier post and someone else recently I would make them do a flood test. The longer the better.
1) yes, it's the same company but apparently the original installer is no longer with them

2) not yet, I had them stop at 6pm on the first prep day and they hadn't done any corners or floor yet

3) , it appeared to be set level, standby for a test tomorrow

4) I'll take a look at the curb slope tomorrow too

In the meantime, more pics. It appears the side pieces overlap by 2". The pieces on the rear wall only overlap by 1".

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