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Getting closer...

OK, so a lot of progress has been made on the kitchen reno. I ended up shoring up the floor with a 12 ft double 2x6 beam with 3 equi-spaced 4x4 posts afixed to the concrete floor with galvanized post bases. This divided up my 12 foot joist span, which didn't pass Deflecto, to an 7 ft and 5 ft span. This passes Deflecto and FEELS great. Couldn't put the beam at the 6/6 point because of a furnace, but the location actually puts it right under the main walkway thru the kitchen. Glad I did it. Next up is the layer of 3/4 ply, which will be run perpendicular to the joists, NOT glued, screwed only to the subfloor, not the joists.

One question on the Ply... i'll have a some smaller pieces as I work my way through a small hallway and into the tiny bathroom. Is it still recommended to NOT glue and NOT screw the small pieces to the joists?


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