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It looks like a dog in the top picture has an interest in what's going on. I agree that you have to find the high and low spots in a floor. Don't necessarily agree that you have to scarify the floor. Over fifteen years ago my then wife had a tile guy come in and tile our kitchen on slab floor and that tile is still there and there are no cracked tiles nor cracked grout joints. I know he didn't install an isolation membrane. If your floor is reasonably clean and relatively flat, I think you will have a surface that you can tile. I guess I look at things differently and I tend to weigh the risk/reward factor. Will my floor fail if I don't scarify it first? If I demonstrated to myself that the floor was flat and I could knock down the high spots with a grinder, then I doubt I would go to the time/money of scarifying the entire 1100 sq.ft. I would be looking at the added benefit of doing so. If I couldn't justify it, then I wouldn't do it. This is coming from a person who has been accused of being a perfectionist. I definitely go the extra mile, but only if the end result justifies the journey.

If that doesn't work, I'll always think it should have.
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