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Who's overseeing the operation in the top picture? Scarifying is a grinding process. Not sure if a rental yard would rent the equipment to do it or not. I believe I've read on here that the equipment can be rented. If you do a search here, you may find out more about it. I have a little difference of opinion. If the slab is in good condition (no cracks), I would be tempted to lay Ditra on top of the slab and tile away. I may be in a minority here, but I recently ripped up some parquet flooring in my entry that had been glued down. It was a mess of glue residue that I aggressively cleaned with a 4" razor scraper. Once cleaned, water absorption wasn't the best. (The glue residue is called cutback.) I laid down a sheet of Ditra with Versabond (which is a no-no) and it stuck perfectly. The Versabond is rated for use over cutback, but it's slightly modified and shouldn't be used under Ditra on concrete. I may be wrong in my assessment, but I would probably lay a 4'x4' of ditra with versabond and see how it sticks. I'd probably choose the worst area. If there is any glue residue, I would aggressively clean it with a razor scrpaer first.

If that doesn't work, I'll always think it should have.
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