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The CBU could be attached to the studs as easily as could the plywood and the CBU does not require any fastening beyond the studs so long as they are on 16" centers. And the plywood is more apt to cause more problems than it might solve, since I don't see it solving any.

If furring is desired for the pan liner, it need not be more than a quarter-inch at thickest and could easily be accomplished with narrow strips of thin plywood over the studs. That's if any combustible material is allowed back there at all. We still don't have an answer to that.

If you're in the trades, Jeremy (The Kid), please come over to the Professionals' Hangout and start a thread of introduction and give us some background and meet the other pros. You'll find us a pretty friendly group hereabouts.

Also helps the visitors if you put a bit more professional biography in your profile so they can see who/what is answering their questions. I, for example, have no idea what a "GC" is in the way of profession.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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