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White carrara marble turned yellow after installation

Hi, I installed a white Carrara marble shower 2 weeks ago. I shuffled the tiles from all the boxes before installing, used white kerabond over kerdi on the entire thing. All mud was mixed with water from the same source over 5 consecutive days. 2 weeks later (today) I get a call from the home owner. They looked at the shower this morning and one entire row around about eye level in the shower has turned bright yellow, almost like someone took a highlighter marker to it. They have not used the shower since I installed it, no one has even touched it since I left. It's mind boggling. The weirdest part about it is that it is not random at all. One full row around the whole shower is yellow. I used no sealers, cleaners or anything on the stone, just some non sanded light gray grout. I went back the day after completing the job and all looked great. The yellowing seems to have appeared over night. Does anybody have any experience with this? I would appreciate any advice.
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