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Quesiton, when i go to sheet rock, do i put the sheet rock all the way to the ground or leave a gap between the slab and sheet rock?
Chad, you shouldn't install sheetrock in a shower (those days are over) unless you are planning to do a Kerdi shower. If you do a search in the liberry you'll find plenty of info on that.

Secondly, when putting in a curb, should i use 2x4s mounted straight to the slab or should there be anything between the 2x4s and the slab?
You could install 2x4's directly to the slab but code calls for pressure treated wood if the wood is in direct contact with the slab. Pressure treated wood is not tile friendly and shouldn't be used. In your case a masonry curb might be best choice though to waterproof it properly be prepared to buy a premade curb or to build a custom mud curb.

You also need lots of other stuff like a sloped pan liner, some water protection for your wall frame proper wall board and fasteners and stuff.

Read up on shower construction in the liberry for starts.
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