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Since this is in the pro hangout I'll chime in, I've tiled my entire house with no expansion joints, even grouted against baseboards. Everything is o.k.

Do I do that for customers... nope I always caulk against baseboards or sometimes I'm lucky enough where they want new ones and get to be sloppy with my perimeter cuts..

In residential interior I usually don't have any expansion joints because the customer declines having them. Now exterior work I'm religious about them.

Bottom line is on this particular standard I know it's not a guaranteed failure and the odds are in my favor so I do play it loose on residential. Now commercial where theres miles and miles of tile yeah it should be part of the process but I guess some play commercial loose too .

On a side note I'll say the state of large trade labor projects right now is you're lucky to find someone who even cares enough to know specifics of their trade. Kinda the wild west right now
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