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Originally Posted by Barry
The grout seam is directly in line with the grout line.
'Fraid you've got me there, Barry. Not sure just what you might mean.

As was pointed out in post #3, the grout in your tile installation has nothing at all to do with the waterproofing. Water will pass through the grout joints, cracks or no cracks.

If you have weeping from behind the wall tiles, my first guess is that your tiles were spot-bonded or otherwise bonded with insufficient mortar coverage on the back of the tiles. That allows moisture to accumulate and gravity feed down to the bottom of the wall. This is exacerbated by the use of direct bonded waterproofing membranes which don't allow for any liquid moisture at all to penetrate the wallboard or beyond.

I've seen this situation allow for liquid water weeping from the bottom floor/wall joints as much as two weeks after the last use of the shower.

Could certainly be at least part of your problem.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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